Vilnius is the small capital city of Lithuania which has so many quirky things to see. Most international flights to Lithuania go to Vilnius so it is good to know the must see’s in this city. Most things to see in Vilnius are in walking distance as the city isn’t very large. Having said this if you are planning to travel around the rest of Lithuania I would recommend hiring a car. Having a car makes seeing the sights in Vilnius even easier and means you can explore this capital city in 48 hours.

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Literary street

Literatu street, Vilnius
One part of the art wall
Close up on Literatu street, Vilnius
A Close up of the art on Literary street

Literary street (Literatu street) is a truly unique part of the city. The walls are dedicated to Lithuanian literature and contain over 100 different pieces of art. Each of them is dedicated to a particular writer. They are very small, very unique, and well worth spending sometime exploring.

Lucky belly

Quirky lucky belly monument
Quirky lucky belly monument

The lucky belly is said to bring good luck to everyone that rubs it. I don’t know how and I don’t know why… But no one wants to pass up the opportunity to welcome a bit of extra luck into their lives! The creator of this masterpiece is Romas Kvintas, who joked that he made it to resemble his own belly.

This small good luck charm is on a random wall right next to a restaurant so be prepared for a few looks. This wall is part of the Novotel and Business centre.

This fulfilled my unusual statue quota for the day and reminded me of the giant navel statue in Lviv, Ukraine

Rubbing the lucky belly of Vilnius
The message says to rub if you want luck in business


'Make everything great again graffiti' in Vilnius
‘Make everything great again graffiti’ in Vilnius

There is graffiti dotted all around the city but Pylimo street contains the most famous ones. Including the controversial ‘Make everything great again’ piece on Keule-Ruke cafe. It depicts Trump breathing life back into a very ill looking Putin. It was originally of them kissing before the 2016 elections. But it was painted over and later replaced by this version.

The other area to see lots of street art is Olimpieciu street, also known as graffiti pier.

Graffiti in Pylimo street

Church of St. Catherine

Church of St Catherine
Church of St Catherine

The beautiful Church of St Catherine is a wonderful pink and white wonder in the centre of town. Another popular tourist attraction is The Church of St Anne in the old town.


These delicious doughnuts are from Holy Donut. They have a huge variety of flavours but regularly sell out. So make sure you get there early if you want the full selection.


One of the many quirky things to see in Uzupis
One of the many quirky things to see in Uzupis

Although technically in the capital it is considered as its own republic. The bohemian self proclaimed state is a must see when in Vilnius. I have dedicated a whole post to it: Uzupis, the most unusual place in Lithuania