Amsterdam is a very photogenic city with Instagram worthy spots around every corner. Here are some unique ideas and quirky places, all are within walking distance from the centre.

The wake me up when I’m famous bench

20181214_110708 (2)
The famous bench in Amsterdam

This bench was in a quiet area away from tourists, the perfect place for a nap!

Smoothie bowls from Rainbowls

Smoothie bowls from Rainbowls Amsterdam

This little café was only a one minute walk away from the wake me up bench. It has a range of healthy drinks and snacks but the smoothie bowls were our favourite. They were put together by hand and beautifully presented. Although small they were surprisingly filling and delicious.

The blue smoothie bowl is made with: coconut, pineapple, almond, spirulina, banana, blueberry, blackberry and granola). The purple one is Açaí na Tigela and is made with: Açaí, guarana, banana, almond, peanut butter, strawberry, granola.

Blue and purple smoothie bowls from Rainbowls

Moco Museum

3D room at Moco museum

This museum contained mostly Banksy artwork which I really enjoyed, but the best part was the 3D Roy Lichtenstein room which felt like being in a comic strip. It is located in the basement opposite the gift shop.

Cost: €14.50 for adults if you pay at the entrance, but is €12 if you go before 11 or after 5

Sweet treats from Polaberry

Everything we bought from Polaberry was beautiful but most importantly tasty, even the shopfront is picturesque. The first photo is a strawberry flavoured chocolate bar, followed by cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries below.

Chocolate strawberries from Polaberry Amsterdam

Swing at A’dam tower

The ‘Over the edge’ swing at A’dam is the highest swing in Europe. The view is especially beautiful at night when the city is lit up, however they don’t take the professional photos when it is dark (during the day photos). Loose items are not allowed, but one of the employees was kind and took a couple of nice photos as well as a brilliant video on our phone. The ride only lasted a couple of minutes but was a lot of fun and a bit more scary than I though it would be.

There wasn’t anyone else on the rooftop when we were there (probably because it was so cold) but I would recommend booking a slot ahead of time especially during peak season.

Cost: Entrance to the tower was €13.50 and the cost of the swing was €5 each, however they do offer different packages.

Moon Restaurant

After going on the swing we went to the Moon restaurant which is also in the A’dam tower on the 19th floor. The restaurant slowly rotates and the design means that every table gets a 360º view of Amsterdam. We enjoyed a 5 course meal that was beautifully presented and very tasty.

Vegan fast food restaurant

We enjoyed the food at this restaurant so much that we went twice. The atmosphere was great and the food was as delicious as it looks. There is a choice between plant based chicken and beef burgers as well as other salads and wraps. We had the unicorn bread to start with, blue bread with pink aioli, and the original VJFB (shown in the first photo) and a Daddy Mc Chik’n (in the second photo).

Giant nodding dog statue

Giant nodding dog in Amsterdam

Found in Rembrandtpark, there are two of these giant dogs on either side of a busy road. The pavement is large enough that it is safe to climb on them. Out of everything listed this is furthest away but we enjoyed the 45 minute walk to get there.

Giant nodding dog statue

We visited Amsterdam for 3 days in the middle of December during the lights festival, to read more click here.