Breakfast with giraffes has been on my bucket list for such a long time. There is only one place in the world to experience it, and that is Giraffe Manor in Kenya. There is usually a worry after wanting to do something for so long that it will not live up to expectations. However breakfast with giraffes was even more amazing than I imagined.

Breakfast with giraffes at Giraffe Manor
Breakfast with giraffes at Giraffe Manor

The best time to go for breakfast with Giraffes

Breakfast starts at 06:30 which is the best time to get there if you want to maximise time with giraffes. The giraffes will already be in the grounds waiting for you. Giraffes need on average about 2 hours sleep per night. This is probably why they are wide awake and wanting food a lot earlier than I do.

There are actually two breakfasts, the giraffes are fed first. Which is good because it is the biggest distraction from food that I can think of. By 08:00 the giraffes have had a lot of food and slowly start wandering over to the giraffe centre. Once they have gone it is time for human breakfast, which is delicious. It has a variety of options from a full English breakfast to pancakes to avocado on toast.

Giraffes waiting for breakfast

The two dining halls

There are two different breakfast rooms for the two different manors. Because we stayed in the Main Manor we were in the original one called the Sun room.

The other dining room is for guests staying in the Garden Manor. It has one window that the giraffes come to compared to multiple ones in the sun room. This dining room is just as beautiful, however the most famous photos are taken in the sun room.

To find out more about the differences between the manors click here: Giraffe manor- Frequently asked questions

Breakfast hall in the Garden Manor

Outside the breakfast room in the main manor

Outside the breakfast hall in garden manor

The tables

In the Sun room there are 3 tables by the window and another 2 by the wall. The tables are randomly assigned and labelled by room names. However it doesn’t make much difference which table you get because everyone is moving around and taking photos.

Having breakfast on the second day was just as exciting as the first. We had the middle table which is the most in demand, but there was plenty of time for everyone to enjoy it before we sat down.

Corner table from the first morning

Table for breakfast on the second day

Giraffe bloopers

The pictures from breakfast are some of my favourite travel photos ever. This is because the staff at Giraffe Manor were so helpful and great at photography. However breakfast was quite hectic because there is limited space and some of it is taken up by long giraffe necks. They also have short attention spans and move quickly. In addition to this there are a lot of other people and it is easy to accidentally be in the way.

All of this meant that in amongst my favourite pictures are lots of blurry photos and ones were I look like I am being eaten by a giraffe.


Looking like I am giraffe food

Feeding giraffes at sunrise

There is also this photo from afternoon tea that looks like I am getting a kiss on the head from a giraffe. Click here to read more about afternoon tea with giraffes.

Kiss from a giraffe

Giraffe Manor and more specifically the breakfast was the most magical experience. As soon as I save up enough money I would love to do it again!

For a more in depth post where I try to answer all your questions please: Giraffe manor- Frequently asked questions post.

Visited: end of August 2019