I’m Mila.

The story behind unfiltered travelling…

I love looking at travel blogs and instagram accounts for ideas of where to visit next. All the photos I saw of rainbow mountain in Peru were amazing but were also all filtered to make the colours more vibrant!  The mountain itself looks beautiful but it was just very different to what I expected, which gave me an idea!

I wanted to give travel advice and blog about my travels but not edit any photos, what i post is what you’ll see! That’s why I keep all of my photos raw and unedited! 

I take them all on my current phone (Samsung s8) or on my camera (Lumix DMC LX15), both set to the auto settings, and will give as much information as possible in regards to time, date and location of photos. Plus any tips and advice to help you see the most amazing places in the world and have the pictures to match!

To be clear, I love the instagram and blog accounts that edit their photo’s as much as you do, I just want you all the have realistic idea’s about what a place is going to look like.

A little about me…

Travelling and this blog are currently not my job, I work 9-5 for the NHS in London. I enjoy planning and researching all the weird and amazing places the world has to offer and then stretching my annual leave to include as many trips abroad as possible. I have a passion for unusual places, Russian architecture, desserts and weird statues (which wouldn’t of taken you long to figure out!)

I hope you enjoy the blog, any feedback would be amazing and I am always available if anyone has any questions or would like any tips.

I hope you enjoy!