Bucharest is Romania’s capital and its most famous city. A popular destination for all ages for weekends away and longer trips. From Bucharest it is easy to either hire a car and visit the other cities and sites that Romania has to offer. Also many tours run from Bucharest to the famous castles nearby. For a more in depth guide to a road trip around Romania see my other post: Incredible 5 day road trip around Romania.

Bucharest itself has lots to offer and the city is easy to walk around and explore. Bucharest has a combination of interesting statues, beautiful buildings as well as remnants of the old communist ways.

Perhaps the most grand example of this is the Palace of Parliament. This giant building build by Nicolae Ceausescu was intended to be the headquarters of his government. Now it houses the Parliament of Romania and also acts as an international conference centre. The building is the second largest administrative building in the world, behind the Pentagon. It has 12 stories, multiple underground floors and even a large nuclear bunker.

You can take a guided tour through a small part of the building but we decided not to due to time constraints. Unfortunately we did not manage to get a good picture of the building but it was the back drop to one of our meals. We also drove past it on our way to other parts of Romania and it is very impressive in person.

Umbrella Alley

Umbrella alley in Bucharest
Umbrella alley in Bucharest

These colourful umbrellas are becoming increasingly common around the world. This stunning example is on Calea Victoriei, outside the pizza colosseum.

I liked that these are located slightly out of the city centre in a small, quiet alley.

Biserica Sfântul Anton

Biserica Sfantul Anton chuch in Bucharest
Biserica Sfantul Anton chuch in Bucharest

The Biserica Sfantul Anton church is located close to old town. It is not only beautiful but is also the oldest church in Bucharest.

Caragealiana Sculpture

Caragealiana sculpture at Bucharest National Theatre
Caragealiana sculpture at Bucharest National Theatre

Whilst exploring the city and old town we came across many interesting and unique statues. The Caragealiana sculpture (Monument I. L. Caragiale) is located in front of the National Theatre. It depicts 16 characters from a famous Romanian playwright riding in a chariot.

Broken Violin Sculpture

Broken Violin fountain (that isn't actually a fountain)
Broken Violin fountain (that isn’t actually a fountain)

Fântâna Vioara Spartă (Broken Violin fountain) is very close to the Monument I. L. Caragiale. It used to be a fountain but is now just a monument located in Coltea Park. Both of the above statues are next to the roundabout between E85 and E81.

Lupa Capitolina Monument

Lupa Capitolina Monument (she-wolf statue) in Bucharest
Lupa Capitolina Monument (she-wolf statue) in Bucharest

Lupa Capitolina Monument (Statuia Lupoaicei) is in Bucharest old town, at the entrance of Strada Lipscani off road E81. The sculpture shows a she-wolf suckling the mythical twin founders of Rome, called Remus and Romulus.

The statues were a gift from Italy in the early 20th century to pay homage to the latin origin of the Romanian people. These statues can be found in many other countries around the world including Japan, Spain, USA and also many other towns in Romania.

Further down the Strada Lipscani is Cărturești Carusel, the Instagram famous bookshop.

Piața Revoluției, (Revolution Square)

Iuliu Maniu statue in Revolution Square Bucharest
Iuliu Maniu statue in Revolution Square Bucharest

Located in central Bucharest on Calea Victoriei is just a short walk from old town. Here is the site where communist-era dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu was publicly overthrown. The area is filled with history and has many interesting statues and churches.

Kretzulescu Church

Kretzulescu church in Bucharest
Kretzulescu church

This stunning church is surrounded by a beautiful garden and a statue of Corneliu Coposu.

The Memorial of Rebirth

Memorial of Rebirth in Bucharest
Memorial of Rebirth in Bucharest

Next to this you cannot miss the Memorial of rebirth (Memorialul Renașterii). This unique statue commemorates the struggles and victims of the Romanian Revolution. It is controversial as many do not like the design of the monument. Most walking tours of the city spend lots of time here explaining the significance of this area.


Bucharest, like Romania as a whole is beautiful and filled with lots of unique features, interesting history and lovely people.