Making your own candy at Spun candy is a fun and unique thing to do in London. Whenever I travel I want to try as many new experiences as possible. But when it comes to my hometown I rarely make the most of the experiences it has to offer.

Hand made lollypops at Spun Candy
Hand made lollypops at Spun Candy

Which candy course should I choose

We booked the most basic option which is the Lollypop making course and takes around 1 hour. This costs £60 per adult and £35 per child and also has a special rate for a family of four.

There are also more adventurous versions of the course that include making beautiful candy flowers:

If you don’t like hard candy then there is also options to make honeycomb, brittle or fudge on the confectionary masterclass.

Making the candy

Pouring the sugar

The same person stays with you and guides you through the entire candy making process. We got there and the sugar was already boiling away and we just had to pick the flavour. There is a wide range of natural fruit flavours that you can mix together. We smelt a few different ones and decided on berry flavour.

The mixture is then poured out onto a heated table so that the colours can be added.

A quick side note: All the fruit flavours are completely natural and the hard rock candies and lollipops are vegan. The other confectionary lines are vegetarian and all the products are gelatine and gluten free. As they make nut based products in store there may be trace amounts of nuts. Visit their website for all the dietary and ingredient information.

Candy shapes

The different shapes at Spun Candy London
The different shapes at Spun Candy London

After the colours were added we learnt how mould the candy into different shapes. This was done on the heated surface to make sure the candy didn’t set and we therefore didn’t feel rushed. The shapes include: a simple swirl, a twist, butterfly and my favourite, a flower shape.

When they were finished we put them onto a cooling surface so that they could set. Then the brightly coloured lollypops were wrapped up individually in cellophane. This made them look extra professional ready to take home.

Making the candy
Making the candy

Making candy faces

Unique thing to do in London
Our faces made out of candy, A unique thing to do in London

I enjoyed the class so much that I decided to book a surprise for my husband who loves sweets. This time I went for the class where you can make each others faces! A truly unique thing to do in London.

This time we picked raspberry and peach as the flavouring, which we liked even more than the berry flavour. Then candy was then dyed to match our hair and eye colour.

I was a little worried because neither of us are particularly artistic but the two employees where very helpful. The skilled employees then guide you through each part of the face and features until you’ve made the whole face. It was a lot of fun and the candy face ended up being a unique gift.

Cost: £65 per person

Do you get to keep the candy?

Anything that you make you get to take home. We had so many huge lollypops as well as the leftover mixture that was turned into little pieces of rock. After the masterclass can also browse the small shop incase you want to purchase any additional souvenirs.

Spun Candy Masterclass is Englands premium candy maker and now has branches in UAE, Bahrain, USA and Egypt.

Some famous candy faces
Some famous candy faces

If you are looking for a unique thing to do in London then this a lot of fun for children and adults alike.