Druskininkai stands out as very different to the rest of Lithuania, it is a real hidden gem. This spa town is near the border with Belarus and has a very unique atmosphere. The whole time we were there we didn’t see any other foreign tourists and we really enjoyed our visit.

This hidden gem has multiple beautiful churches, a new indoor aqua park and a very interesting sculpture park nearby.

Blue church

 Joy of All Who Sorrow Church in Druskininkai, an amazing hidden gem
Joy of All Who Sorrow Church in Druskininkai

This blue church was the main reason that we decided to visit this town. It is aptly called Joy of All Who Sorrow Church. Its bright blue colour and Russian style architecture are enough to brighten anyones day. This amazing landmark is in the middle of a huge round about that feels more like a park.

The inside is just as beautiful however no photographs are allowed inside.

Sun behind The Blue Church in Lithuania
The Blue Church in Lithuania

Church of Saint Mary’s Scapular

The Church of Saint Mary’s Scapular may not be as bright as the Blue Church but it is still as grand. This building is located in a park and the contrast of the red brick to the surrounding greenery is stunning. A very interesting bonus statue can also be found in this park.

Speaking of interesting statues there is also this statue of a man and a boat nearby in between the church and the lake.

Unusual statue in Druskininkai
Unusual statue in Druskininkai

Park with upside down house

Upside down house

There is this colourful upside house in the park at the centre of town. We didn’t go inside but everything inside the house was also upside down.

Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park

Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park, another hidden gem!
Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park
Pond surrounded by sculptures
Pond surrounded by sculptures

Only a 10 minute drive from Druskininkai along some narrow country roads is another hidden gem. Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park has a free carpark and the entrance price is €6 per person. The park is open from 09:00 until sunset.

The sculptures are all hand made by Antanas and are based around Lithuanian history and folklore. While we were there we saw him busy working on new sculptures close to one of the paths. Some of the statues move and play music as you walk by which is either a nice surprise or makes you jump slightly!

There wasn’t much walking as the sculptures are in a small area next to a stream. We spent about 45 minutes here had the place to ourselves. The walk goes in a circuit that begins and ends with a huge windmill. We climbed up the stairs to have a view from the top and the whole way up there are even more sculptures.

Back of the windmill at the sculpture park
Back of the windmill at the sculpture park


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