Zante (Zakynthos) is full of hidden gems, amazing beaches and unique landmarks, here is my guide to 24 hours in Zante.

Getting there

By air: There are usually cheap flights directly from England but at the time we wanted to go they were expensive and flights to Kefalonia were much cheaper.

By sea: There are a few ferries a day from Kyllini (which is on the Greek mainland) directly to Zante. During the peak Tourism months there is also a ferry that goes there directly from Kefalonia. However it doesn’t sail after the 15th of October so we had to go via Kyllini. Due to this we arrived at midday and then had to leave a similar time the following day which meant there wasn’t much time to explore.

Just like Kefalonia it is best to hire a car as the island is small and everything is within driving distance. Be prepared for a lot of winding roads, fast drivers and lots of goats.

Navagio Beach (Shipwreck beach)

Navagio beach from the viewpoint

Shipwreck beach was the main reason that I wanted to visit Zante so much. Even though we didn’t have time to visit the beach itself, we spent a lot of time at the viewpoint. For tips on getting to this viewpoint and when to go click here: How to get to the Instagram viewpoint at Shipwreck beach Zante

Damianos Cave

This destination exceeded my expectations and was made even better by the fact that we were the only ones there. There is free parking only an easy 10 minute walk away on a clearly signposted trail.

The cave is split into two sections, the view from the lower section is lovely, but the view from the top is even better. To the left of the cave are some rocks that you can climb up to get to the upper part of the cave, I managed it in sandals but it wasn’t easy, I recommend trainers. It isn’t as high as it looks but you have to be careful because it slopes downwards. There is even a rock in the centre to sit and enjoy the view.

The upper part of Damianos cave

Cameo Island

View of Cameo island from the shore

The drive to cameo island was quite difficult towards the end as the road was narrow, steep and there were lots of huge tourist buses. The island is now closed to the public but the view of it and the surrounding area is lovely and you can go on a turtle spotting tour.

Xigia Beach

Xigia beach in Zante

The water at this beach is said to have healing properties and be good for everything from aches and pains to cellulite! Prior to visiting I read that the beach had a strange smell because of the sulphur coming from nearby caves but we didn’t notice it at all. The steps leading from the carpark down to the beach provided the best view.

Stairs down to Xigia beach

We wish we could have had more time to enjoy Zante because it is beautiful and there is so much to see.