Trinidad, Cuba is a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site which feels like it is frozen in time. Although it’s difficult to pick, I would say it is my favourite Cuban city. Located in central Cuba on the southern coast Trinidad is a picturesque city with cobblestones streets, colourful buildings and lots of horse drawn carts. Trinidad is Cuba’s best preserved colonial city.

Rooftop viewpoint

Rooftop view point at Palacio Cantero

We really wanted a view of the city and initially our first choice for this was the church bell tower in Convento de San Francisco de Asis. Unfortunately this was closed on the Monday we attempted to go. I have since read online that the it is closed on Mondays but cannot verify this. From the pictures I have seen the view from here is lovely so to be safe try to not go on a Monday if you are going.

Instead we went to the rooftop of Palacio Cantero which has a beautiful view over the city. Inside there was a small gift shop with a balcony which is great for a photo and then a small spiral staircase leading up to the roof.

Entrance fee: 2 CUC

20180507_164857 copy
Balcony in the gift shop

Clubbing in a cave

We aren’t usually fans of clubbing but we loved Disco Ayala. This unique club is open 23:00-03:00 every night and is inside a natural cave!

It plays a variety of different Spanish songs with 2 huge screens for music videos and a large dance floor. All of this and the added ‘caveyness’ makes for an amazing atmosphere.

Make sure that you take a torch because the way there is obscure and up a dark hill. We would also advise leave at closing time so that you walk home with the crowd.

Entrance fee: 5 CUC

Vegas Grande Waterfall

Vegas Grande waterfall outside Trinidad, Cuba
Vegas Grande waterfall in Cuba

The day after the the cave club we went to Vegas Grande waterfall in the afternoon. This waterfall is located in the Topes de Collantes national park, which also has other nice waterfalls.

We spoke to our host before we left and they advised me to change out of my sandals and into trainers. They organised a taxi to drive us there, wait and then drive us back which was very nice of them.

A coffee farm marks the beginning of the hike and is where our taxi driver parked and waited for us. He told us the route, which is clear most of the time and advised us that park officials will probably be somewhere on the route to collect entry fee for the park (10 CUC). This is quite expensive in comparison to other places in Cuba but we felt like it was worth it once we saw the magnificent waterfall.

The hike to Vegas Grande waterfall is an hours walk on muddy paths and across streams. We were glad that our taxi driver advised us, because the beginning of the trail wasn’t particularly clear. About 15 minutes into our walk 2 men in uniforms appeared and they gave us our official tickets.

Apart from these 2 officials we only saw one other couple during the whole hike and at the waterfall. This added to the peacefulness of this amazing place. Close to waterfall there is a viewpoint to the right and on the left there are steep steps leading down to the waterfall.

By this point I was so happy that I had changes my shoes and we learnt our lesson from Cienfuegos and remembered to bring swimwear and a towel so that we could swim under the waterfall.

In true Cuban style on the walk back a tropical rain storm hit, but this was completely worth it and actually quite refreshing during our hike as it was still quite hot.

It is best to go either before 10:00 or after 16:00 if you want there to be fewer tourists. But this waterfall seems to be generally quieter than the one near Cienfuegos, probably because it is more difficult to get to. Also there are no facilities anywhere on route so make sure you bring water with you.

Vegas grande waterfall from the viewpoint
Photo of Vegas grande waterfall from the viewpoint

The buildings of Trinidad Cuba

Colourful building in Trinidad Cuba

The colonial buildings in Trinidad were even more colourful than Havana, this was something that I was not expecting. It is best to wander around the small streets close to Plaza Mayor and see all these interesting houses with their stunning colours and many interesting shapes.

Not a road sign you see everywhere!

Sol Ananda restaurant

During our time in Trinidad, Cuba we ate at Sol Ananda twice. The interior was decorated with interesting antiques and traditional furniture. As well as cuban food this restaurant served a lot of delicious Indian dishes which was a pleasant change.


Casa courtyard in Trinidad

Throughout our trip we always tried to stay in Casas. This is a small way of embracing the local culture and supporting local families. Plus many of them are the best places to stay. This Casa had beautiful grounds and the owners were very friendly and helpful. They were happy to let us in after returning from the cave club in the early hours of the morning and even gave me some cream for the reaction I had to mosquito bites.

How to get there

Cuba number plate on a classic car

There are a few options getting to Trinidad Cuba from Havana. By bus it takes 7 hours and cost $25. It is also possible to travel by car/collectivo which would cost slightly more but only takes 5 hours.

I would recommend stopping at Cienfuegos, another beautiful town that is on the way to Trinidad. From Cienfuegos to Trinidad the bus takes 2 hours. For more information on Cienfuegos click here: Cienfuegos: The best things to do

Visited: beginning of May 2018