Klaipeda is the perfect destination for anyone who likes unusual statues. It doesn’t get as much tourism as it deserves because it is on the opposite side of the country to Vilnius. 

What initially drew me to this port city was the number of unusual statues. It has a certain charm, with small cobbled streets and German style, wooden framed buildings. Klaipeda is a 3 hour drive from Vilnius and once there everything is within walking distance from the city centre apart from the walking with fish statue.

German style building in Klaipeda
German style building in Klaipeda

Random house in Klaipeda

Cat with face of a gentleman

Cat with the face of a gentleman
Cat with the face of a gentleman

On one of the small backstreets is a statue called cat with the face of a gentleman. It has a slightly grumpy face with an impeccably neat moustache. It is said to be good luck to rub its tail. Found on Kalvių street square the statue made from granite and bronze has actually been stolen twice!

Gentleman cat, an unusual statue in Klaipeda
Gentleman cat statue in Klaipeda

Magic mouse

Tiny magic mouse, an unusual statue Klaipeda
Tiny magic mouse statue Klaipeda

This little mouse is said to grant any wish that you whisper into its ear. It is the smallest statue we saw that day at only 17cm tall and is quite easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it.

The magic mouse statue is very close to the cat statue, it is located on the corner of Kurpių and Mėsininkų street. Across the road from the tiny mouse is a piano and giant chess board.

Giant chess and piano near the magic mouse
Giant chess and piano near the magic mouse

Little mermaid

Unusual Mermaid statue in Klaipeda
Mermaid statue in Lithuania

This little mermaid statue is on the right bank of the Dane River. It represents the importance of the sea to Klaipeda. The tail is made out of coins from the old Lithuanian currency called Lita.

Chain bridge

This chain bridge (swing bridge) is open about 45 minutes out of every hour. The other 15 minutes the bridge is moved to allow boats to pass.

It is the only one of its kind in Lithuania and was originally constructed in 1855. The bridge is moved manually by two men twisting the old levers as shown above.

Ghost sculpture

View from the chain bridge
View from the chain bridge

As soon as you cross the chain bridge you will see the castle ghost sculpture. It is called this because it if located opposite Memel castle.

This creepy unusual statue looks like what my 8 year old nightmares were made out of. A faceless ghost climbing out of the sea holding a lamp so that it can find you. Despite its appearance, according to a local legend this is a friendly ghost. It saved the city from famine by warning the residence so that they could save food supplies. 

It regularly tops lists of strange statues from around the world. I am guessing. Not that I look at them a lot in my free time…

Unusual statue of a Ghost sculpture next to the chain bridge
Ghost sculpture next to the chain bridge
Unusual statue in Klaipeda
Unusual ghost statue in Klaipeda

Walking with Fish

Unusual statue: Walking with fish in Lithuania
Walking with fish statue in Lithuania

Pasivaikščiojimas su žuvimi or ‘walking with fish’ in english is an unusual statue of a man chasing a fish on a very windy day. I saw this statue on Instagram but couldn’t find any detailed information about its location, so we resorted to google maps.

We eventually worked out that is located at the tip of Melnrage Beach just outside of Klaipeda. If driving it is best to head towards Ateik Ateik cafe which has a public parking lot. This amazing statue is a short walk from here and well worth the trip.

The Pokrovo-Nicholas Church

Outside the gates of Pokrovo-Nicholas church
Outside the gates of Pokrovo-Nicholas church
Interior of Pokrovo-Nicholas Church
Interior of Pokrovo-Nicholas Church

While driving back to Vilnius we went past this church just outside of Klaipeda. It has an unusual and unique structure. I love the monochrome exterior with gold features. The inside is just as beautiful as the outside.

Whilst in Lithuania the amazing Hill of crosses is a must see: Hill of Crosses: How to get there and when to visit.

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